Original Illustrations for Bearings

  • Original Illustrations for Bearings
  • Hand-Drawn Infographics That Enrich the Southern Lifestyle
  • "We drove through pinewoods heavy with lichen and Spanish moss, and between the fallow cotton fields along a road white as the rim of the world. We parked under the broken shadow of a mill where there was the sound of running water and restive sqawky birds and over everything a brightness that tried to filter in anywhere. The South sang to us – I wonder if they remember. I remember – the cool pale faces, the somnolent amorous eyes and the voices: 'Are you comfortable?' 'Yes, are you?' 'Are you sure you are?' 'Yes.' Suddenly we knew it was late and there was nothing more. We turned home."

    – F. Scott Fitzgerald, "The Last of the Belles," from "All the Sad Young Men."
  • "Whiskey Family Tree," "The Sailboat," "Venomous Snakes of the South," "The Bow Tie," "Pork Chart," "Beef Chart," and "Bluegrass Instruments" Illustration and Design by Russell Shaw for Bearings.
    Copyright 2012 Bearings, LLC. All Rights Reserved.
    Writers: Jeremy Blume & Rob Forrester

    More hand-drawn infographics created for Bearings can be found on my blog and/or on Bearings' website.

    All letterpress products were produced in Atlanta, GA by Amanda Clarno of Alee & Press.
    All press and product photography courtesy of Andrew Thomas Lee.
  • Recognition
    2013 Creativity International Awards. Creativity 43rd Print & Packaging Awards. Platinum Award – Illustration.
    2013 American Graphic Design Award (GDUSA, New York)
  • Whiskey Family Tree
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  • The Sailboat
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  • Venomous Snakes of the South
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  • The Bow Tie
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  • Pork Chart
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  • Beef Chart
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  • Bluegrass Instruments
  • American Bison
  • Pork Chart Screen Print
  • Available in Brown and Navy.
  • Beef Chart Screen Print
  • Available in Brown and Navy.