Wanderlust Visual Identity

  • Concept: 

    Wanderlust Creatives is a husband & wife photography studio that focuses on creating high end editorial style wedding photography. The studios brand is driven by the duo's character and personality. The goal was to present who the couple is and are while highlighting the maturation and professionalism of the business they have grown. 
  • Logomark: 

    The concept behind the mark itself was to create a monogram feel for the brand while emulating the medium and industry the duo works with and in. The mark is literally intended to create a slight visual reference to both a photo lens and a wedding ring.
  • Challenge: 

    The challenge behind the project was to make sure that the couple was well represented in a professional way. I wanted their positive energy and personality to show in the identity system via the color palette and the typographic system, yet I wanted to choose a color palette that would never feel over the top or overbearing. I also wanted to create optionality in the system via the color palette and give the couple different directions they can explore and utilize.
  • Conclusion: 

    A thoughtful identity system that is aware of the current trends in wedding photography identity yet paves the way to uniquely represent the heart and soul of the business and brand and the actual practitioners behind the business.