SWAN Office/Living Room Chair

  • l  SWAN is at the crossroads of two paths

    It is taking place between the world of relaxation and the more dynamic world of work. Velvety lines but inscribed in its landscape, SWAN fits perfectly in refined and honest environments. Instead of looking like its peers, SWAN does not go in with typical backrest. Unlike others, it cares and supports only the two essential parts of the back; the lumbars and the top of the dorsi muscles.

            l  天鹅椅在两条路的十字路口


  • l  Democratic chair

    Dozens of different materials combinations could be imaginable for SWAN.
    Any kind of CMF could fit it according to production requirements and price-quality ratio.
    Here below is what could look like a frosted / clear PMMA version.​​​​​​​

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