Brand Identity for Terve

  • Terve is a part of An Ester Digital Company that specializes in TV app development. 
    The market of TV apps is growing and our main goal to provide high-end services to our clients that own a video business and would like to enter the market of TV apps.

    Starting working on our brand identity wasn’t that easy. Firstly, we needed to decide how would we position ourselves as a part of a digital company. 
    After a couple of days of research, we came to the conclusion that there are no that many companies that would offer similar services. So, we started thinking how deep we could dive in branding.

    The core idea here is to focus on the old VHS television glitches, in pair with bold, monospace typography that would highlight the fact we go digital.
    We were trying to combine different glitch techniques and effects, but it didn’t work the way we wanted to. We didn’t want to focus on glitch too much. It was clear that we don’t want dive into VHS glitches that much, so we stopped playing with it. Instead, during our work on the website, we suddenly realized we could combine our tech aesthetics with funny pixel art. 

    And here it goes. Bold blue “console” color, as the brand color, in pair with a monospace font, a bit of glitch and pixel art.