Freelance and Personal Projects

  • Photoshop Experiment
  • Logo and Website for T-Bones Steakhouse.
  • Light Painted typography. Contact me for the complete set and for rights to use. 
  • Concept for a set of business cards for people to hand out to individuals in need of assistance.

    Several cards will be pre-printed with local resources, and the rest will be left blank so they can be filled in with solutions after learning the specific personal needs of the individual.

    These cards are meant to facilitate communication, and real assistance. Through effective communication, we can find out what an individual's real issue is. Knowing the issue, you can choose from the set of business cards the appropriate resource(s) that they need to contact. Some examples are: job placement, addiction counseling, mental health counseling, housing assistance programs, domestic violence shelters, drug rehabilitation centers, etc. The aim of this card set is to encourage people to spend time listening, and brainstorming solutions. People are also encouraged to make some phone calls to get things rolling. Giving money only enables people to continue living a dangerous lifestyle. Lets encourage communities to come together, to shrink the gap between those with and those without.
  • Logo made for a SPARC treatment program.
  • Digital Illustration inspired by a personal realization.
  • Drawing fonts for fun.
  • Experimenting with Double Exposure techniques, Photoshop CC.
  • Designed this advertisement for Indian Ledge Records MOVE Music Festival.
  • Concept for encouraging people to turn off their TVs.
  • Invitation postcard to my gallery show; anti-bottled water campaign
  • Personal project; aims to encourage people to make and buy American made products. 
  • Digital Illustration
  • Concept for business cards that help spread positivity.