SNSM - French CoastGuard

  • RTS // Swiss Radio télévision Interview 
  • Commercial Photo Composite made for the 2018 campaign of the SNSM
  • Printed and Published

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    Below there is a serie of photos i've took when i followed the stage SNB1 

  • Thank you for watching.
    Many thank's to all the people i have meet during these 3 weeks 

    SNSM Contact : Marianne Cossin
    Project developement : Pauline de Kergal
    Photo + Retouch + Video : Jacob Muller
    Interview Swiss Radio Television : Laurence Froidevaux

    Station : Bandol  Var en région Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur.
    Boat commander : David Amico
    President : Jean-Luc Cercio