Origami Postcard

  •  An interactive postcard that can be folded into an origami fish.
  • ARTGR 371 and ARTGR 372
    Spring 2010

    This interactive postcard can be turned into a folded fish using origami when it is received. The message from the sender is folded into the fish and can be revisited later if desired. This process makes receiving the postcard memorable for the recipient.

    This project was created through two different classes. The assignment given by Professor Debra Satterfield for my Graphic Design Materials and Processes class was to create any 4/2 color postcard and to prepare and package it for printing. The design of the postcard was developed during my studio class and I was advised by Professor Sung Kang.
  • The postcard has removable instructions attached to a pre-illustrated fish.
  • The back of the postcards is simple, not detracting attention from the details of the front. The written message is folded inside the fish so the receiver can reference it later if they wish. 
  • The folded fish after the instructions are completed.