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  • 3 magazine | 001 + 002
    Published 3 times a year, 3 Magazine is a journal that explores culture and society using the idea of number 3. Each issue chooses one 3-letter word, 3 fonts and 3 colors that respond to society during that period of time. The magazine looks at current social issues along with events in our everyday culture and makes a conversation about it. Using first-person interviews, as well as related articles and photography, 3 Magazine’s mission is to bring another point of view to the audience.
    © 2017 by Duy Dao

  • The first issue covers the concept of 'SAD' and explores its relationship with the year 2015.

  • The magazine also includes a tip-in section which explores how a 2-sided paper can be viewed 3 ways.

  • The second issue covers the concept of 'EGO' and study its advantages as well as disadvantages of having one.

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