Jacob Ham, Personal Branding and Identity

  • Personal branding (2014).
    In preparing for my future career as a Graphic Designer It would be essential to develop an appropriate logo and branding for myself as a freelance graphic designer. It would be useful to also produce a range of personal promotional materials. These should include a Business card, Letterhead and a T-shirt or hoodie design. It would be crucial to also consider my logo on a range of other merchandise and products such as leaflets, flyers and posters that may promote my services in the future.

    Personal branding (2018).
    To redevelop my current branding, but keeping the logo the same however redesigning my brand assets to create a higher sense of professionality. The purpose is to develop a consistent and polished feel that will establish me as a freelancer and ensure the brand is intact. The other aspect is to create portfolio pieces that are currently absent from my attire, this could present me with the opportunity to work with clients on a larger scale.

  • Brand Colour and Typography.
    Moving forward my brand will use a strict but diverse structure of both colour and typography that will keep the overall feel and result of my brand consistent but most of all professional. To myself, everything I do or work towards has a purpose and meaning, my branding is no different. Using the CMYK value of C:31, M:01, K:25 and Y:08 to give a colour that feels calm and trustworthy. 

  • A brand with a message
    Over the last year or so, I have really became my own person and developed a message within my work, promoting the betterment of mental health alongside tackling corporate identities. Updating my brand I wanted this to become clear using various words to signify this. 

  • Portfolio
    To establish my brand further, I developed and designed two different portfolio's, one being print-based and the other a digital website. These will help me advertise my work in various ways, the big aspect is appealing to future employers. (Printed will be updated soon).

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