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    Brand Concept, Global Identity, Communication and Global Brand Strategy ON + OFF, Product Design and Development, Printing Applications, Global RRSS Administration, Packaging, Direction and Production of Graphic Campaign, Product Photography, Campaign Audiovisual Production, Teaser LED Clips, Stand + POP, Landing Sites and E Commerce.
    Concepto de Marca, Identidad Global, Comunicación y estrategia global de marca ON+OFF, Diseño y Desarrollo de Producto, Aplicaciones de impresión, Administración Global RRSS, Packaging, Dirección y Producción de Campaña Gráfica, Fotografía de Producto,  Producción Audiovisual de Campaña, Teaser Clips LED, Stand + POP, Landing Sites, E Commerce.


    Suitable and versatile, soft and technically intelligent. Gummi represents a line of products and experiences designed and developed for a contemporary way of life. 
    Climate diversity, elegance and comfort are the reference points that make up the DNA of Gummi ™. 
    Envolvente y versátil, liviano y técnicamente inteligente. Gummi representa una línea de productos y experiencias pensados y desarrollados para una forma de vida contemporánea. Diversidad climática, elegancia y confort son los puntos de referencia que componen el ADN de Gummi™.

  • Brand Concept
    Plastic Injection Chips

  • Product Development
    Sketch, rendering an 3d Print

  • Packaging
    Material, Visual and Technical Development

  • Stand + POP
    Modular Concept

  • Fashion Campaign
    Global Production: Storyboard, Fitting, Styling, Shooting, Post-Production.

  • h3l™ Team
    Brand Concept: Horacio Lardiés
    Fashion Concept: Luciana Cartolano
    Art Direction: Horacio Lardies
    Visual Styling: Luciano Geoffroy
    Graphic Design and Production: Patricio Kolar
    Industrial Design: PRDI
    Product and Campaign Photography: Trigo Gerardi.
    Production: Luciana Cartolano
    Styling: Geo Musi
    Make Up: Gina Tucci
    Filmmaker and edition: Pato Battle
    Web Manager: Leandro Tomasoni
    RRSS: Juliana Argañaraz

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