Mt. Comfort Coffee

  • Mt. Comfort Coffee wants you to Discover Coffee by bringing excellent craft coffee to everyone, at affordable prices. Design Womb redesigned the company's brand identity, packaging design, and Shopify e-commerce website which offers mail subscription coffee when the new site launches in late January 2018.

    Creating a perfect cup of coffee is a sacred and cozy ritual down to every detail, so we aimed to capture this spirit. We crafted a hand drawn logo with sloping perfectly imperfect typography, paired with a set of custom artistic illustrations inspired by the wilderness, coffee, and adventure. The illustrations were used to create a unique repeat branded pattern and pair with bright or earthy colored patches showcasing each coffee's details.

    The whimsical results are playful yet capture attention both online and on a retail shelf, evoking customers to pick a bag up to discover more details as they get closer. This is a bag meant to sit on your kitchen counter with style. Mt. Comfort Coffee can be purchased direct at and the brand is carried at both large and small retailers across the country which includes, Amazon, and Sam's Club.

    Product – Teri Lyn Fisher Photography 
    Lifestyle – Erin Scott Photography
    Brand Voice – Zach Golden