Interactive paper calendar 2018

  • Interactive paper calendar 2018

    All animals except humans live in a continual present, with no sense of the temporal distinctions of past, present and future. Our consciousness of time is therefore one of the most important distinguishing features of humankind, and one of the things that truly separates us from the other animals. It comes as no surprise, then, that from time immemorial, philosophers, teachers and theologians have speculated on the true nature of time. Does time have a substance and, if so, what is it made of? How do we know that time really exists? Does time have a beginning and an end? Is it a straight line or a circle?

    time is continuous and that has an intrinsic direction or order
    One major point of contention among the ancients was whether time is linear or cyclical, and whether it is endless or finite.

  • Creative Agency → Graphic opera
    Art Director → Leonardo Lenchig
    Design → Leonardo Lenchig
    Project Type → Poster / Identity
    Poster size → A3