Swiss Transport Visual Identity & Web Design

  • Concept

    Swiss Transportation is a conceptual side project driven by a creative brief that was built by LogoCore, a creative studio that provides visual identity courses. The brand identity and mark itself focuses on the roads and paths that the company paves and creates for its customers. The identity and messaging also convey a sense of security and the understated value of logistical transportation.
  • The Logomark:

    The mark itself is intended to represent a few concepts: 

    1. The paths the company takes to deliver quality service
    2. The S of Swiss
    3. The concept of creating new connections and new roads
  • Challenges 

    The goal for both the brand and identity is to convey trust and security while also feeling forward thinking and a company that creates new paths for its customers. I decided to approach these ideas by creating a symbol that would invoke the path or roadways concept while letting the messaging and the rest of the identity symbolize the security and trust that Swiss Transport wants to provide to its customers. That being said I also wanted to create a mark that felt sturdy and trustworthy so that even without the messaging the brand can f
  • Conclusion 

    As with all of these side projects I have been working on outside of work hours, I have been looking to try things and practice or improve my identity design skills. I decided to challenge myself in this particular project by working with shapes in the mark that I typically do not explore when working on logo work. That being said this practice is starting to lead to the creation of a consistent design voice that I hope I can continue to refine with future engagements.