Permobil Website Design

  • Permobil, a leading manufacturer of wheelchairs and seating systems, turned to Atomicdust to support their growing product line with brand positioning and website design.
  • A Market Leader with Global Reach
    Permobil has long been a leading manufacturer of high-end power wheelchairs. Over the past few years, the Swedish company has grown exponentially, acquiring U.S.-based TiLite, the leader in custom manual wheelchairs, and ROHO Group, a maker of seating and positioning systems.

    Now with three distinct product lines, the company wanted to capture the best aspects of each brand, and to use these elements to bring the company together around a consolidated message.
  • Proof in Motion
    Discovering the common thread that united the three brands wasn’t too difficult. Uniting them under one website, however, was a logistical challenge.

    Thanks to Permobil’s commitment to health and safety, each brand had an enormous volume of unique information, from product specs and support documents to educational pieces and research. We worked closely with the Permobil team to make sure all content was accounted for on the new site.
  • Made for You
    Design elements like the schematic overlaps serve as a subtle reminder of Permobil’s focus on innovation and building high-end, customized solutions for its customers. Inspired by TiLite’s practice of including a personalized card with every chair they ship, we featured real employees alongside their own signatures.