• Executive Dining

    Atomicdust helped corporate foodservice operator Executive Dining rise above the competition with new branding, marketing materials and website design.

    Website Design

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    Keeping Business on Course
    Executive Dining got their start delivering lunch to wartime factory workers out of food trucks. Today, Executive Dining builds, staffs and operates onsite foodservice operations for large corporations in St. Louis and beyond. That means lunch, of course, but also catering, coffee and vending services.

  • A New Brand System

    The clean, black-and-white logo and classic typefaces add sophistication to the Executive Dining brand, while hand-drawn elements and a warm secondary color palette provide a human touch. We even trained Executive Dining’s team on the tools they’d need to put their new brand system into action.

  • It’s Not Just About Food

    Executive Dining chief executive Greg Chiles said it best: “This is about helping people be their best.” A two-day, on-location photo shoot at Executive Dining’s offices and cafes helped us capture their employees in action. The new photography is used across marketing materials and the web.

  • Bringing It to the Web

    The new Executive Dining website introduces their friendly approach, avoiding the typical B2B bullet points and price comparisons. New brand elements like hand-drawn illustration, icons and photography elevate the visual look. And friendly (and frequent) calls to action encourage lead generation.