New Design Ecology in China

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    New Design Ecology 
    in China 


    With the rapid development of the internet and digital technologies, the design industry is undergoing an unprecedented transformation. Under this special environment, we hope to illustrate for the general public an vivid view of new design ecology of China.
  • LxU is very pleasant to collaborate with the curating team Design Society to co-investigate on the research. “New Design Ecology” ’s biggest highlight is that it compartmentalizes a complex topic into a series of interactive and animated illustrations.

    We transformed data into 23 scenes, more than 150 terms and explanations and 300 characters. Every character in a storyline has its corresponding plot with our customized designed plots and storylines.

  • People can interact with the bubbles above character’s heads and keywords to get to know the trends and insights of different design industries.


    策划及设计执行 / Planning & Design - LxU
    项目总监 / Director - 李雨 / Levi 魏婷婷 / Una
    执行总监 / Executive Director - 高蕴 / Yun
    调研及数据分析 / Survey and Data Analysis - LxU Lab & 设计互联
    项目统筹 / Project Management - 高蕴 / Yun 李瑞 / Ryan
    插画 / Illustration - 于瑶 / Yao 王梦颖 / OS
    视觉形象设计/ VI Design - 李煌 / Li Huang
    平面设计/ Design - 高蕴 / Yun 李瑞 / Ryan 于瑶 / Yao 庄岩 / Yan
    软件开发 / Software Develop - HOTSAR工作室胡江川 / Simba from HOTSAR
    数据架构 / Data Structure - 徐霞 / Xia
    三维设计及动画制作 / 3D Design & Animation - 张思杰 / Sijie 唐嘉伟 / Brian
    三维模型及动画制作 / 3D Modeling & Animation Assistant - 铅笔动画实验室 / Pencil Lab
    音乐设计 / Music & Sound Design - 大囍记 / Ayo Chen
    视频背景音乐/BGM - tell you by PUSHER
    致谢 / With thanks to :
    设计互联策展团队 / Design Society Curatorial Team
    北京服装学院艺术设计学院 / School of Art and Design, Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology
    中国传媒大学广告学院 / School of Advertising, Communication University of China