Flora & Fauna Visual Identity & UX/UI Design

  • Concept: 

    Flora & Fauna is a conceptual side project that originated from a brief generated by Brief Box. The goal behind the identity and brand was to connect the companies natural and authentic plant-based ingredients to its visual communication and messaging. Furthermore, the mark itself need to feel contemporary yet elegant, trustworthy and rooted in time and tradition.
  • The Challenge: 

    The main challenge was to connect the ideas of modernity and traditionalism within the identity and messaging. The contemporary feel is represented by the color palette and sans serif typeface, while the elegance and traditional roots is embodied by the serif typeface, the floral elements, and the overall reserved approach to the identity system. 
  • Conclusion: 

    I found this brief as an opportunity to venture outside of my comfort zone as a designer by creating work for an unfamiliar industry. Furthermore, I enjoyed using this project as a continuing overall exploration of minimal and typographic driven styles.

    Photography sourced from Unsplash
    Floral Illustrations sourced from Graphicburger