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    Dr. Gary Chapman’s perennial New York Times bestseller, The 5 Love Languages®, has sold over 7 million copies. The author's own life experiences - including more than thirty-five years of pastoring and marriage counseling - led him to publish this first installment in the 5 Love Languages series. Many of the millions of readers credit his book with saving their marriages by showing them simple and practical ways to communicate love to their partners.

    Since the success of his first book, Dr. Chapman has expanded his 5 Love Languages® series with special editions that reach out specifically to singles, men, as well as parents of teens and young children.

    The 5 Love Languages® site was already getting a good amount of traffic when when we initially met with the team. We had a small amount of experience working with them on some projects, so they came to us with some great questions on what could be done to improve the online experience of the 5 Love Languages® site. One of these core areas was finding ways to convert their large amount of unique web traffic into recurring visitors. In addition, a large portion of new readers to the the site came to the to site to take the Love Language assessment, a test to determine their very own love language. The team was looking to find a way to improve upon this unique experience for their viewers. They were also to build a consumer base between those taking the assessment so that readers could encourage their friends, family or loved ones to take it as well.

    After researching the site as well as the analytics, we met the team to walk through some strategies that might help them achieve their goals. We broke these down into separate plans that could be completed individually or collectively. The team opted for a full front-end revision of the site that would allow for us to complete the majority of the proposed strategies.

    The redesign took advantage of modern web technologies to create a responsive experience that could adapt to browser sizes on a multitude of devices. We also brought more content to the home page so that visitors would become more aware of the wealth of knowledge that existed on the site. We also worked with the team to streamline all of the navigation and content to present a much more intuitive and meaningful experience.

    Throughout the course of the project, we saw a need for an icon system to represent the 5 Love Languages®. Therefore, we created a visual representation for each Love Language that remained consistent with the other four, using color for primary visual differentiation. Created to feel like badges, the icons were designed to serve as something to be proud of. Knowing your Love Language and what it means allows others to better understand your need and equips you to better love your partners. The icons serve to brand the languages both individually and collectively.

    To further this experience, we created a Facebook application for their assessments on the site. Once the tests were completed, the visitor could share the results of the discovery via Facebook post. Both the badge as well as the description were displayed so that those seeing it will understand what it means and be encouraged to not only take the assessment as but also share their results.

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