6 Degrees of Possibilities - Creative Learning Tool

  • 6 Degrees of Possibilities
    Submission for No Right Brain Left Behind - Innovation Challenge
  • Excerpt:
    We no longer lose ourselves in a set of encyclopedias, exploring knowledge and making surprising discoveries.  Let’s create classroom worksheet for teachers that fosters a sense exploration and creative thinking in students. Making a subject interesting and memorable, makes it easier to understand and reinforces creative analytical thinking.

    We learn and remember best when we can make the information relate to ourselves. We understand the information better when we see how it could relate beyond the classroom – to our street, our community, city and beyond. How do we create the opportunity for sparks of A-HA! or intense creative questioning and discovery? These opportunities need to be re-woven into the daily school program, allowing students to see creative connections in everyday life, and how it’s all around us.

    An open-source worksheet template that would live on the web.
    This worksheet will ask students to creatively examine/explore a specific subject.

  • Teachers will input:
    - subject/idea for students to explore
    - supplementary information relevant to the subject
    - “6 degrees” students are to examine and explore
  • The worksheets creatively educate in several different ways:

    - Teachers have the opportunity to expand their assumptions of a given subject – to think outside of the box.
    - Students will be tasked to think creatively and explore an idea beyond the classroom setting.
    - The class as a whole can learn from eachother’s responses thru classroom discussion – deepening their own understanding of the subject matter.

    “What math means me to me, is something totally different than what math means to you.”