GRADO — Touristic branding

  • GRADO —
  • Grado is a town and comune in the north-eastern Italian region of Friuli-Venezia Giulia, located on an island and adjacent peninsula of the Adriatic Sea between Venice and Trieste. Grado attracts scores of tourists each year to its hotels and campgrounds. A large water park run by a municipal corporation is the main attraction, complete with indoor and outdoor swimming pools, and a health center offering spa treatments. The town also boasts a well-preserved pedestrian-only center, in which many shops, bars, and restaurants are located. Grado also offers facilities for many sporting activities, including tennis, wind-surfing, and golf. From Grado can be done excursions by boat to the Grado Lagoon.
    This is the proposal I made for the touristic visual identity of the town — as by the competition brief — including the logotype, the payoff and a few applications.
  • The logotype

    The geographical position as starting point. The multiplicity of different touristic offers as fulcrum. The connection between the multiple and peculiar characteristics of Grado as concept. These are the elements that inspire a graphic sign that — in a fresh and immediate way — aims to depict of a place rich in history, culture, traditions, sun, sea and nature. The brand metaphorically inscribes in itself a multiplicity of suggestions, authentic and fascinating. A contemporary sign that — in its essentiality — speaks of an active and vital city, projected to the future but drawing the inspiration from its history. This 'touristic circularity' of Grado is represented by the rounded and catchy design of the logo. A dedicated lettering has been created for the name "Grado": it plays with the concept of circularity and draws a 'linked writing' that symbolizes the connectivity of slow tourism, accessible and sustainable. A logotype that graphically pays also a tribute to the letterings designed in the Art Nouveau style, used in the promotional signages made for Grado in the 20th century by artist and designers such as Auchentaller, Dudovich and Puppo.
  • The payoff

    Sympathetic and at the same time radical, the payoff digs up to the essence of the magnificent condition of plurality offered by Grado and by its Lagoon locations. Playing with an extremism of the degrees of separation theory ('Nessun Grado di Separazione' can be translated from Italian as "No Degree in Separation" — as well as in Italian the word 'Grado' can also have the meaning of "Degree"), it emphasizes the various and immediate connections between the different typical features in the touristic town.

  • Notes:

    Work made for Comune di Grado (as by rules of the competition brief). Photographies and used images are made by (in order of appearance): Josh Adamski, Balungile Belz, Mario Purisic, Ethan Robertson, Kees Streefkerk, Frank McKenna, Kristopher Roller, Maxwell Gifted, Yoann Boyer, Noah Usry, Sumner Mahaffey. Images courtesy of Unsplash. Other photos used are taken from the Comune di Grado website, exclusively for competition purposes.