• 2F | Beer Garden

    2F | Beer Garden is a familiar well-known restaurant for Saigonese and local expats to hangout and have true Vietnamese traditional draught beer. The beer and food in here is truly delightful. The restaurant is built with quán concept, hidden in a little big alley in District 1, in the front yard of a vintage mansion, with vintage, cosy and friendly atmostphere. It’s like you could taste Saigon right at your first sip. After 2 years, they're expanding to new location in downtown, and need a stronger system to be recognized and sustainable.

  • Concept

    Our concept is based on the origin of the brand, where it has its name, 2F. The name original gave after the address of the place, 2F Nguyễn Thành Ý. And the mansion is truly unique, if visited, you could experience a perfect combination of sustainable architecture with strong and timeless materials to build the house. Random tile pattern was applied repeatedly from the floors, yard to walls. Based on those inspiration, we created an unique stencil logotype for 2F. The identity is recognizable, yet strong and condensed.

  • Visual system

    It's all about beer, always casual always fun. The system is strongly created based on the psychology of beer lovers, to be enjoyable, to have fun and to make friends easier.

  • Uniform

    Since the identity is strong and minimal, we're giving art direction for a proper system of uniform, from waitress, chef to manager. Developing 2F to classy restaurant standard but not losing its cool and friendliness by the casual style of uniform system

  • Credits
    Product Stylist & Photography Deto
    Restaurant Photography Hau Le

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