The Landscape the Tropics Never Had

  • Chui Wan (吹万) is an experimental psychedelic rock band who asked me to create artwork for their new full-length album—The Landscape the Tropics Never Had (热带从未有过的风景).

    The bilingual visual identity draws upon the soft tone of photography and the unique mix of calligraphic and typographic form to represent the tracks’ ambiguous, poetic, and textural melodies. Created artwork for the digipak CD, cassette tape, t-shirts, banners, tour posters, and the 12” which was included with a limited edition press of the vinyl. Printed in the Czech Republic.

    Cover art: "Desserts" by Li Gang (李钢) / Galerie Urs Meile, Beijing.
    Producer: Michael Pettis / Maybe Mars Records (兵马司). 
    New album The Landscape the Tropics Never Had released on September 1, 2017, on Maybe Mars.