Kiosk 57: Renaissance Edition

  • Designed, edited, and published by students, Kiosk is a semi-annual, award-winning, art and literature magazine for the University of Kansas that has been in publication since 1989. Kiosk 57 is inspired by the theme, “Renaissance.” This is done by returning to a classic, gridded style of design that allows for creative breaks, but focuses on the purpose of an art and literary magazine—to showcase great writing and artwork.

  • Art Director; Designer—Jenny O'Grady
    Editors—Alex Cateforis, Jamie Hawley, Greta Nepstad, Moriyah Ramberg, Jennifer Straub, Katelyn Shirley, Kelly Werther, Erin Woods
    Fine Arts Editor—Maggie Keenan
    Photographer—Lauren Hakmiller