Hybrid cities

  • Combining features to reimagine two cities in one.
    If you’ve seen Disney’s animated feature Big Hero 6, you’re familiar with the city of San Fransokyo – a mash-up between San Francisco and Tokyo. Well, the sight of the Golden Gate Bridge amidst Japanese-style architecture inspired us to create some fusions of our own.
    We chose 14 iconic cities from around the world and paired them into hybrid cities. From New York to Rome, Rio de Janeiro to Cape Town and beyond, we combined the distinct architecture and attractions from each city to create a truly unique destination. Planning a city break and have no idea where to start? These mash-ups will inspire you to plan the perfect trip.
  • Rio Londoneiro
  • Dubaris
  • Sydnakech
  • Bang York
  • Cape Roma
  • Moscanbul
  • Seoulhi
    AD: Duck Knees
    CGI: Margarita Zhitnik