ACCD Stairwell Project

    Stairwell Space and Poster Design

    At the 2nd phase of Type1 in the first term of ACCD Graduate Program, I designed the 5.5th floor's space(the wall and the stairs) of the building 1111 in South Campus. 

    I use the lyric of the song As Time Goes By as the content of the stair project to present the association between love and time. I also change the letter "O" to timing (from"00:00:00" to "00:05:46") which is the time that I spend on climbing the 5.5th floor stairs. The song "As Time Goes By" is also the theme song of the movie Casablanca, which represents the protagonists' love. That's why I create the texture to imitate the flow of time. The time points (00:32:45, 00:38:23, 00:42:30, 00:47:59, 00:08:01) in the posters are the points when the song appears in the movie. As well as the contents, I record the dialogues between the characters that generated when the song appears.