The Murder That Never Was

  • ​​​​​​​The Murder 
    That Never Was
    Book Cover & Interior Pages Design
  • It had to be an art work which will convey the masterly, dynamic, compelling and clean style of the well-known author Andrea Kane. The picture had to “tell more than a thousand words”, yet be simple and stand out on the shelf among the other books. It was bold decision to go with all bright “bloody” red background – while brainstorming the project we all agreed that it would be the best way to express the essence of the book – suspense, tension and dynamic. 

    Pages count: 384
    Hard cover format: 6″ x 9″ with 3 ½” flaps
    Soft cover format:  6″ x 9″
    Effects: Matt foil, spot gloss, silver foil, varnish

  • The frightened girl’s silhouette and the gun reveals some details of the plot and the mismatch, “wavering” letters around the gun accents on the tense character of the story.
  • The goal was to reveal as much as possible from the story using minimalist color scheme, leaving the accent on the graphical elements. We hope that we achieved a clean, simple visualization and powerful, intense feeling.