Neenah Paper

    Creative Combinations Yield 
    Powerful Reactions
  • Neenah Paper is beloved for its ability to transform paper into experiential magic. Luxurious textures, colors and weights help designers engage audiences in emotional and intriguing ways that ignite the senses and make lasting impressions.

    Bringing paper to life is any designer’s dream, so we were honored when invited, once again, to demonstrate the beauty, versatility and functionality of Neenah Papers.
    Featuring the eye-catching colors of Astrobrights®, the sustainability of Environment®, and the budget-friendly Royal Sundance®, we translated classic Greek Alchemy elements — Earth, Air, Fire and Water — into the realm of print design — Audience, Message, Paper and Print.

    The four vignettes feature our tactile interpretation of imaginary brands and experiences. Invitations, product tags, brochures, coasters, wine labels — each piece conjured up to inspire designers and clients to push past the ordinary and go for extraordinary with new processes and papers.