• Xcape

    Based in Sydney, Xcape is definitely the benchmark in the reality entertainment industry. Boasting numerous escape rooms with wonderful concepts, logic and each and every room equipped with complex mechanisms to satisfy and challenge your mind and intelligence. Their targeting groups are mainly local  teenagers and young professionals who seek challenges and tend to achieve the unthinkable. The aim of this series of advertisement is to introduce this new brand to the local market and allow people to have a rough idea about what this business about. After hours of elaborate considerations, we decided to choose cross track billboards and bus full-wrap as the advertising platform (duration 6-8 weeks) to directly and efficiently deliver the message to the potential customers. We believe that allowing the audience to appreciate the content instantly, and meanwhile  generating the desire to join the game spontaneously are the golden rules for this particular case. By collaborating with the professionals, we successfully delivered a set of fun and mysterious and adventurous movie-poster looking outcomes.

  • Final Look & Hero Images Design

  • Behind the Scenes​​​​​​​
    Before the photoshoot, we created a series of storyboards and used our best endeavours to bring the images to life. By using physical props and smoke generators, we created two fascinating game scenes for “Prison Break” and “Ching-Chiu Palace”.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

  • Promotional Marketing Collaterals 

  • Branding Agency  Nexty
    Chief Creative Officer  Gordon Guo
    Creative Directors  Isaac Huo
    Art Director / Designer  Meng Zhang 
    Photography  Alan
    Published  December, 2017

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