• Together

    Rebranding of language school has been directed to correction of the existing logo and also creation of the corporate style which problem was to simplify registration and to make him intuitively clear. For brendingovy printing house the option of an information display at the airports and the railway stations has been considered. The stylistics extended, official. The main color scale - the blue, corporate style. Secondary colors are used depending on subject - whether it be a course or the organization of a necessary action.
  • Process of creation
    The language school for the client is a grade level from initial, zero knowledge of a foreign language to the required level. I have tried to draw an analogy to creation of origami because for him knowledge and practice - key tools including will be necessary for you for studying of language.​​​​​​​
  • Branding

    Having prepared graphic material on branding, graphic options have been developed for schools in Warsaw and Krakow. Also there is an opportunity to correct execution of business cards under each position at school.
  • Also there is an opportunity to issue and release "student's enrollment" which will include the business card with the addressee, the folder from a thick cardboard and a notebook for records.
  • Execution of letters for sending to the students wishing to get courses at language school. Registration of a package of set for new students: he can join the invitation, starting set, instructions, etc.
  • For the staff of school registration of personal badges is provided. Registration of tubes for teachers of language school. It is provided for movement of student's material, tests and homework.
  • And where without coffee in the morning, truly? 
    So issued mugs and paper cups will look. 

  • The interior also suffered a change. Added elements of corporate identity, and the colors of the cabinets were saturated with juicy blue, green and yellow colors, depending on the direction of training in this or that cabinet.