Trash Words

  • Trash Words

    Trash Words is a self initiated, a full process driven POSTER project consists of three graphics. Nothing was defined in advance except the theme. Nowadays, we tend to overlook basic manners, blaming others or anything around us but ourselves when things don’t go properly, or we JUST don’t work properly. Some OF US ask for a success, are jealous or envy to others but also too lazy to make the things work towards us. simply said– if we want a change, let’s be the one. 

    Main visual motif is based on trashed paper – metaphor referRing to something forgotten, refused, unused, old or redundant. On the other hand, in the meaning of content, posters depict an „old good truth“ where concept represents visual translation of consciousness.

    Three different appropriate proverbs were picked to be shapen into letterforms, SPECIFICALLY „a“, „b“ and „c“. DEspite the lenght of each proverb, letters serve as a handy shortcut.  

    Concept is built with simplest tools and by the simplest methods. Poster series uses Helvetica and Times set into the mentioned letters, then printed on paper. For each poster was used different type of „trashing“, a– wrinkled, b– ripped, c– shredded, all made by hand. Each one was properly assembled and reinstalled also by hand and photographed with iPhone under the desk lamp, later edited in Adobe Photoshop.


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