Like No Other Job

  • Like No Other Job
    —  The members of The Council of School Supervisors and Administrators manage a richly diverse student body from Pre-Kindergarten though High School. From mentoring at risk students to tending a hydroponic garden, their work is demanding, rewarding and like no other job...

    "Running a school is not just another job" is the theme and tagline to this year's subway poster campaign. We were asked by CSA to develop a dynamic and creative design to feature each member and their respective school's accomplishments. Our solution was to highlight "no other job..." and allow each member to share their perspective.

    The Council of School Supervisors and Administrators is the collective bargaining unit for 6,100 Principals, Assistant Principals, Supervisors and Education Administrators who work in the NYC public schools and 200 Directors and Assistant Directors who work in city-subsidized Centers for Early Childhood Education (ECE).