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  • Boxopen

    Boxopen is a new way to store files and data, sharing that with a great family that know you. For school, job and daily life, this new system allows people to be always connected and have the confort to have an archive in common. Lighten your devices and find a quick and functional way to work and study with others, having the opportunity to exchange basic information with this simple system.


    The client's request is to find a naming and logo that can represent in the best way his  brand, inspired by his main qualities. Link this image to any corporate coordinate and study colors and texts that will work best. Finally, study new graphics for the app and the website.

  • Solution

    The final logo represent the brand naming in a simple but striking image. An open box reported in this icon that depicts in the mind of watcher the letter "b", initial of brand name.

    The box is the archive where the people will put in their files, like a great conteiner where the other account could be connected with them and the open which represent the possibility of other people to take and watch the common data.

    The minimal and clear result, can be express in best mood the features of future and innovation that brand exposes in the market.



  • APP and WEB SITE

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