Directions Conference 2017

  • As the industry's longest-running equity compensation conference, Directions is a must-attend event for stock plan administrators across the United States. It's hosted by E*TRADE Corporate Services and this year's destination was Scottsdale, AZ.

    Equity compensation? Sounds enthralling, I know.

    How does one compel the average person to learn about Directions? I did so by focusing on this year's theme: Powerful technology. Powerful connections. The first step was pulling sound bites that capture the mood of the event. Second, I built in some of the great photos that were captured throughout the event. By focusing on the activities and people involved, I was able to keep this video relatable to viewers who are unfamiliar with the world of equity compensation. I brought the on-screen graphics and titles to life in Adobe AfterEffects and handled editing and color grading in Final Cut Pro.

    This video was shared across E*TRADE's social media channels and is now used as a trailer for 2018's conference.