For the launch of New Progresso Recipe Starters this mobile site is driven by QR codes found on the product cans. Keeping the site simple and easy to navigate were key factors in the design and functionality. And rotating tiles maximize the delicious, savory meals Mom can quickly achieve with the help of this new product.

    Creative Role / ACD, Art Direction, Concept, Mobile Design, UX
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  • Homepage
    Users scroll through visually engaging tiles — selecting any of which will feature a recipe or product info. 
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  • About Recipe Starters
    Users can deep dive into each of the 5 products and get featured, related videos and recipes.
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  • Discover Recipes
    Users can also discover easy, quick recipe ideas best suited for each particular cooking sauce via the recipe catalog.
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  • Recipe Details
    One click away from featured recipes, users can get cooking immediately.