lư trung việt

  • lư trung việt 

    Based in Saigon, Lư Trung Việt has a been working in fashion, product as well as editorials. As a photographer and camera collector, he really concerns about the concept of moment capturing. 

  • Concept

    We wanted to design an identity that completely reflect the nature of Việt’s work without being overly descriptive. A symbol, a monogram, based on Việt’s initials, “V” imitating the basic diagram of photography, becomes the base of a sustainable visual identity. The logotype with Vietnamese diacritical marks was adapted the same system, standing out from the common.

  • Credits
    Photography Monkey Minh
    Stylist Ben Phạm

  • Pattern

    An imitation game of using only shapes of light in photography and the simplicity design of the trademark, demonstrating into the beautiful impact of saturated reduction.

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