Moku Kitchen

  • Moku Kitchen
    Upcountry Downtown

    Moku Kitchen is a chef-driven concept from Handcrafted Restaurants. Moku brings Hawaii’s rich upcountry farming and ranching heritage to downtown Honolulu’s urban lifestyle. Named after the Hawaiian word for “island”, Moku wanted a visual identity that combines the restaurant’s history with modern day Hawaii.

    Vibrant and fun, the brand identity captures the lively atmosphere of Hawaii’s Best New Restaurant (2018 Hale ‘Aina Award), becoming a favorite gathering place for elite foodies, families, or people seeking an authentic taste of Hawaii. After all, no man is an island.

    Brand Identity / Messaging / Art Direction / Print / Web / Signage / Photography

  • Upcountry Downtown
    At the center of Moku’s brand is the theme of “Upcountry Downtown”, juxtaposing the restaurant’s rustic roots in Upcountry Maui with Downtown Honolulu.

  • Hi, Piko.
    Representing Upcountry Maui is Piko, a fun-loving rooster. Taking Handcrafted Restaurants’ namesake to heart, he was carved by hand, inspiring a visual style carried throughout the brand, from menu designs to bathroom signs.

  • Interior Artwork
    Handcrafted Restaurants collaborated with artist Kamea Hadar to create a mural based on the theme of Upcountry Downtown. Kamea paired similar dualities with his mural contrasting traditional vs. modern, cool vs. warm, Hawaiian prints vs. spray paint, and leaves vs. camouflage.

    In the main dining area, local sign painter Jeff Gress helped hand paint a series of birch wood panels.

  • Credits
    Client: Moku Kitchen / Handcrafted Restaurants
    Menu Photography: Steve Czerniak
    Web Development: Corbin & Brooks
    Mural: Kamea Hadar
    Sign Painting: Jeff Gress
    Kakaako, Hawaii
    2015 – 2017

    Top 5 Best of Show - AIGA Hawaii’s 5-O 2017