Original tiny tales & illustrations by Denyse Mitterhofer

  • I’m tall and thin,
    they call me Silver Queen,
    I’m sixty and thriving,
    last week I was diving.
    Today I dance under the moonlight
    Shim Sham Shimmy
    I don’t care what they say,
    I’m gray but I slay.

  • Sweet Martha is generally complaining about something.
    “Oh the pain on my left toe”
    Sometimes even about her neighbor Moe.
    But there is one thing she loves indeed,
    that’d be when Moe comes around with weed.

  • Ruby was in love with a skull named Santino,
    she found him on a trip down to Reno.
    She takes him to parties,
    which scares all the hotties.
    Her friends ask her to cast it aside
    but no way! Its her ride or die.
    If you disagree you’ll get a black eye.

  • She liked her juice spiked,
    rarest jewels and striped dresses.
    Her heart was stone cold,
    her mouth full of braces.