Landing Page & Digital Ad Campaign

  • Landing Page & Digital Ad Campaign

    A major national financial client needed to conduct a consumer survey on savings habits. In order to prevent their brand name from tainting the data, we used the agency branding to keep the client anonymous.
  • Goals
    The primary business goal was to generate sign ups for the survey in five different cities around the U.S. The design goal was to ensure a clean modern style with a simple sign up process and a good user experience.
  • Solution
    The design features a light toned color palette with a sans-serf typeface and an engaging photo with a clear nod to the savings message. The landing page is fully responsive to work on all devices. The photo was art directed via the code to adjust the photo viewpoint for mobile and tablets.The data was captured via a QuickBase database integration and automatic daily reports were sent to the team a client via email detailing the sign ups per city. Corresponding banner ads using the same design style were also created and placed in news outlets in each city.
  • Results
    The client was thrilled with the design and ease of use. Importantly, the campaign was able to achieve all its goals for consumer sign ups in each of the five cities.