Brand Identity - Abbas Law

  • The Brief
    I had the opportunity to do a brand identity for Abbas Law. Abbas wanted his law firm to be professional, trustworthy, and welcoming. Abbas Law deals with taxation, so his main concern was the privacy of his clients. He wants the clients to feel comfortable and safe when they are dealing with the lawyers at Abbas Law. 

    In order to meet the requirements, I decided on a clean, professional, friendly, and modern solution. It was important for me to visually translate Abbas Law's professionalism and services into the brand. Although Abbas Law specializes in taxation, I still wanted to create a system that is flexible and could include more legal services in the future while maintaining the same brand essence.

    The Challenge
    The challenge was to create something different and unique for Abbas to make his firm stand out from the competitors. A brand system that is meaningful, modern, and creates excitement. 

    During the research process, I gathered certain images and elements that symbolize trust, security, and loyalty. I was quite fascinated by the history behind the structural columns and wanted to incorporate it into the brand. I decided to use the column as the main graphic element for the brand because it symbolizes security, provides support and strength. The columns are also used in the courthouse architecture and design. I used this to my advantage to give the brand some meaning. 
  • Logo Concept
    I used the name, Abbas, and the doric column to begin the sketching process. I created several versions of the logos based on the concept. The ones that have the column incorporated into the stem of letter B tend to be busier and resemble the Art Deco period. On the other hand, the other versions with the bars on the top and bottom of the letter B simplify the logo and keep it clean and minimal.

    The two bars are the main element in the visual language of the brand. The two bars on top and bottom of the letter B represent the doric column that serves as a symbol of security and protection.

    Apart from the structural column concept, the logo has one more meaning, the "parallel bars" are symbolizing loyalty, stronger relationship, and trust. In other words, the client and the Abbas Law lawyers working together, side by side, to solve problems. The logo is just a part of the brand identity and is based on the core principles of Abbas Law. It is more than just a logo.

  • Logo Construction
    Logo was inspired by the typeface Aktiv Grotesk. The logo was highly modified to reflect the brand. The entire logo was constructed from scratch. The letter B counters were reduced, the letter L's arm was shorten to improve the kerning, and lastly, the apex of the letter W was pulled down and reduced in size so it matches with the letter A's apex.
  • Symbol

  • Pattern
  • Typography and Colour Palette
    The combination of serif and sans-serif typefaces provides an easier reading experience. I wanted the typography to be legible and professional. 

    The colour blue was chosen because it symbolizes trust, security, loyalty, and professionalism. 
  • Stationery
  • Advertisement Concepts
    I proposed both digital and traditional advertisement concepts to Abbas that are modern and use the brand's graphic device.

    I also included some playful elements that are relevant to the brand and make Abbas Law stand out. I wanted to build excitement while maintaining the core principles of the brand. I wanted to showcase that Abbas Law is modern, professional and full of creative individuals that focus on their clients' satisfaction and privacy. 

    The goal was to create a system that is flexible and could include more services in the future while maintaining the same brand essence. This would allow Abbas Law to easily add more legal services and promote themselves without having to rebrand.
  • Services they may offer in the future are; Residential and Commercial Real Estate Services and Intellectual Property. This is just a concept.
  • This is another proposed ad concept that uses the graphic device of the brand to emphasize the key words. This could be used to educate the clients and share important information with them.
  • Responsive Website
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