Mahogany Bay Village

  • October 20th, 2017

  • Mahogany Bay Village is a fresh and energized take on the conventional resort community — pulling from the culture, values and architecture of Belize. Featuring a four-star resort by Curio - A Collection by Hilton, private homes by Coastal Living, a burgeoning village, Bay & Beach Clubs and a Spa, the development offers a 360-degree travel experience unlike any other in Belize. With its unique blend of upscale amenities and old-world Belizean charm, guests and residents get an authentic taste of Caribbean life flecked with familiar, modern-day luxury.

  • Client: Mahogany Bay Village
    Project: Brand Identity, Art Direction, Editorial, Web, UIUX

  • Challenges, Names & Logo

  • Mahogany Bay Village teamed up with Squat New York at a time when the brand was struggling to distinguish its three separate divisions (i.e., the village, resort, and residences). Our strategic approach involved allocating each division its very own name, color and logo treatment. Mahogany Bay Village then became an umbrella term for Mahogany Bay Homes, Mahogany Bay Resort, and Mahogany Bay Townlet — “townlet” being an antiquated term used by the British in reference to a small town center. It calls back to the British influence on the culture, language and architecture of the country, including the resort and residences built in the British colonial style.

  • Overall Branding

  • Our next task was to redefine the physique of the brand to cater to the country’s influx of luxury and adventure-seeking travelers. We used a blend of modern color blocks and handcrafted illustrations, which collectively establish a visual language reflective of the rustic, yet refined feel of the village. To showcase the village’s openness to locals and Belizean culture, all photographic images are action shots depicting the lively atmosphere of the island and real island residents engaged with their craft or in different adventure activities.

  • Brand Voice

  • On par with the visuals, the brand voice combines a high level of sophistication with the fun and quirkiness of the local culture. The local dialect, Belizean Creole, has been integrated into the majority of main headlines, such as “Lego (Let’s go) plan something” and “Make Hevn (Heaven) your Hoahn (Home).” In this way, we positioned the village as a deeply immersive and authentic experience.

  • Website, Map, Brochure

  • To better translate the size, layout and complexity of Mahogany Bay Village, detailed miniaturized maps have been implemented into all the brand’s brochures and the website design. Illustrated buildings depict the structure and location of every vendor, meeting point and unit in the village. Website visitors are even able to zoom in and out to discover the location of Mahogany Bay Village in relation to the Belizean island of Ambergris Caye, Belize, and the U.S. — where most Belizean tourists originate.

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