• La Valise, in Mexico City is a retreat of beauty and contemplation, a hotel that has a unique personality, considered as one of the best in its category worldwide.
     The vision, curatorship and the owner's Yves Naman travel experiences, are the achievers of this project that consist of only three rooms of unique luxury, product of every service and detail.
  • La Valise's branding was created as a mixture of iconic ingredients that represent Mexico City; urban design, stories and literature that make the mythical Roma neighborhood, books like “Battles in the desert” by José Emilio Pacheco and “The Wild Detectives” of Roberto Bolaño.
  • The brandmark combines pre-Hispanic and abstract; containing the initials of La Valise and a result of its three rooms: patio, terrace and moon, universes with a very particular character and design, inspiring us to create symbols for each one. Thereby, the applications commingle with the architectural and decorative details, maintaining the rhythm and beauty of this hotel.