Mercedes Benz G500

  • 2016 New Year we celebrated listening to the roaring of engines and inhaling the smell of the virtual gasoline. We've had about 12 days for the project from start to finish, so it was quite a ride - fast and not slowing down for a second.

    2016 Новый год мы встречали,слушая рев моторов и вдыхая запах виртуального бензина. У нас было около 12 дней на весь проект, поэтому ехать пришлось быстро, а о тормозах забыть совсем.

    Supervisor and art director: Yaroslav Primachenko
    Storyboarding and animatic: Yaroslav Primachenko
    Styleframes: Yaroslav Primachenko, Pavel Zuzin
    3D: Yaroslav Primachenko, Pavel Zuzin
    Render setup: Yaroslav Primachenko, Pavel Zuzin, Viktor Kishankov
    Animation: Yaroslav Primachenko, Viktor Kishankov
    Compositiing: Yaroslav Primachenko
    Fume FX: Viktor Kishankov
    Particles: Yaroslav Primachenko
    Client: Sila Sveta

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