• Eat Your Fear

    I created this campaign within a team of four students: Sydney Bryant, Calvary Fisher, and Patricia Witt.

    We set out to develop a ‘kit of parts’ that would give an audience the freedom to communicate a message of their own choosing.

    Using a cardboard box, paper, and sharpie, we created a framework to collect participants’ biggest fears confidentially and intimately. We then used a 3D printed chocolate mold to create the ‘archive’ for that message. The ‘archive’ is a personalized box of chocolates, containing a braille-embossed piece of chocolate for each letter of the participant’s biggest fear.

    We were thinking about the participant process of writing down their fear on paper, rolling it up, receiving the archive, feeling the braille on their tongue, and finally consuming it—how might this experience affect a participant’s relationship with their fear?