Bagel Science Identity

  • Bagel Science.

    To create branding and logo design solution for a newly created bagel fast food store called “Bagel Science”. This brand specialises in selling homemade bagels featuring various ingredients, that will appeal to a wide range of customers at all age ranges. The products will be sold in a mixture of locations from within a store to a stall at local amusement parks. These locations will be established further in the next few months.

    Mood-board and research.
    Prior to starting any form of development on the logo and branding, it was best to explore and create visual annotations of designs, images or pretty much anything that inspired me. These were mainly based around images of “Bagels” that could be used for colour, shape or even texture. Following from that I decided to look at contemporary pieces of design to help gain a greater knowledge of things that I could use within the design or even stay away from. These were based around the following keywords; “Bagel”, “Science”, “Food”, “Restaurant” and “Circle”.

  • Rejected Concepts.
    The following are unused concepts developed based around using either icon or letter based solutions, these were mainly and experimentation on using texture to create significance within the design itself.

  • Chosen concept.
    The chosen concept is designed around using nothing but ovals and circles to create an icon that represents both the words “Bagel” and “Science”.


  • Refining the logo.
    The logo currently feels more scientific than it does to represent a form of a "Bagel". The logo needs to be refined to greater emphases both aspect of the brands name, in an equal fashion.

  • Brand assets.
    The brand's logo design was supported by a range of assets that will help create brand awareness throughout the local community, These assets will be used in a mixture of situations to gain exposure of the business during the first few months of operation.

    Business Cards.
    85mm x 55mm with a 8.5mm margin.

    Letter heads.
    210mm x 297mm with a 21mm margin.

    *In the future more branding will be developed to help support the products that the brand offers. This will range from napkins, takeaway packaging and even a website.

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