Google - Nexus Playground

  • This was the last project i had the opportunity to work at Autofuss. My role in this fun project was to first 3D model the three Google devices, then i had to create the lighting of the scenes, and optimize the render settings for a good but at the same time fast render, and of course work on the animation.
    I had the honor and pleasure to animate with Jason Kerr, Ryan Chen, Jarratt Moody, and of course anything of this wouldn't be possible without the great compositing skills of Pedro Figueira. Also a big thanks for everyone else who helped us and kept us going.
    I thank everyone from Autofuss for making my stay there, so fun and productive. It was a great experience. Im gonna miss you all, and maybe some day, i will get to see you guys again.

    For the launch of the new Nexus family of devices, we imagined a playful world of Google services interacting around a stack of devices. We can't help but smile when the whale emerges out of the water and a pterodactyl leads us into the new Nexus 10 tablet, a visual interpretation of the Playground is Open tag line.

    Google: Nexus Playground
    An Autofuss Production

    Executive Creative Director: Randy Stowell
    Creative Director: Quba Michalski
    Executive Producer: Julia Gottlieb
    Producers: Micah Gendron, Christine Cheng
    Design Director: Ryan Chen
    Art Director/Designer: Jarratt Moody
    Animation: Jarratt Moody, Ryan Chen, Jason Kerr, Ion Lucin
    Compositing: Pedro Figueira
    Editor: Ian Colon
    Music: Lullatone

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