Syfy25: Origins Series 'Frank Oz'

  • Syfy25

    SYFY25: Origin Stories, hosted by Adam Savage, is a nostalgic celebration of all things science fiction. In this podcast series Adam sits down with creators, thought-leaders, and celebrity fans to discuss the moments, people, and milestones that have changed the genre universe forever. From revealing personal anecdotes to deep philosophical discussions, there’s something for every fan. Guests include genre heavyweights from Chris Hardwick, Frank Oz, and Kevin Smith, to Neil Gaiman, DC Fontana and Ron Moore, among many others.

  • The Creative Strategy.

    What we loved about Frank Oz story was the nostalgia especially in his description of Flash Gordon. It reminded us of 60s comic books, that old pulpy feeling. Because of that, we chose a similar illustration style. What was interesting though, where we normally want to animate characters fully frame by frame, because of the comic book aspect and its distant tie into storyboarding for movies, it made more sense to keep it a little bit static. It felt more exciting, almost like we are readers and the pictures of each comic come to life.
  • Client: Syfy Channel
    Agency: 72&Sunny || Hecho en 72
    Executive Producer: Jonny Edwards
    Creative Director: Evan DeHaven
    Art Directors: Abbas Deidehban & Alex Schaeffer
    Producer / Showrunner: Jennifer Heftler
    Post Producer: Caroline Anguiano

    Production Company: LAUNDRY

    Executive Creative Directors - PJ Richardson & Tony Liu
    Managing Director - James Sweigert
    Executive Producer - Garrett Braren
    Producer - Mickey Briggs
    Additional Producing - Laura Yurich
    Coordinator - Caroline Mortimer
    Storyboard & concept: Laundry
    Illustration: Nathan Anderson
    Animation: Ramzi Hogan, Aly Tain, Micah Fitzgerald. Nicole Gutzmann