Syfy25: Origin Series Podcast. 'Sana Amanat'

  • Syfy25

    SYFY25: Origin Stories, hosted by Adam Savage, is a nostalgic celebration of all things science fiction. In this podcast series Adam sits down with creators, thought-leaders, and celebrity fans to discuss the moments, people, and milestones that have changed the genre universe forever. From revealing personal anecdotes to deep philosophical discussions, there’s something for every fan. Guests include genre heavyweights from Chris Hardwick, Frank Oz, and Kevin Smith, to Neil Gaiman, DC Fontana and Ron Moore, among many others.

    This is a project we helped the creative team with at 72&Sunny in Los Angeles. The ask was to create 8 animated short films that play under 1 minute cut downs of the creators & thought-leaders in and around sci fi as a genre. This one was with Sana Amanat.
  • The Creative Strategy.

    Sana has such a distinct story. Much more personal than any other of the films. What challenged her also fueled what makes what she does so amazing. She turned stereotypes and judgment into aspirational strengths and creativity. To us, the expectation would be to illustrate this in a comic book style since she works at Marvel. But to target comic fans felt far too limiting to her story. Her story is about empowering women, minorities, and just about anyone who's told they can't-do something. This graphic, simple and intimate approach to us, conveyed much like she says, that you can. 

  • The Production Process.

    Because there were 8 different films all needing to be produced in 4 weeks, we felt it best for both the creative and the highest quality execution that was our duty to our client to collaborate with remote teams. In this case, it was a no-brainer to work with Moving Colour, who is a design and animation outfit down the street from us. Their strength is in illustration and animation. For this particular story, an illustrated and cel animated approach was exactly the touch and tone that matched Sana in the most unconventional and unexpected way. Like any great animation, it started with just a test...
  • Client: Syfy Channel
    Agency: 72&Sunny || Hecho en 72
    Executive Producer: Jonny Edwards
    Creative Director: Evan DeHaven
    Art Directors: Abbas Deidehban & Alex Schaeffer
    Producer / Showrunner: Jennifer Heftler
    Post Producer: Caroline Anguiano

    Production Company: LAUNDRY
    Executive Creative Directors - PJ Richardson & Tony Liu
    Managing Director - James Sweigert
    Executive Producer - Garrett Braren
    Producer - Mickey Briggs
    Additional Producing - Laura Yurich
    Coordinator - Caroline Mortimer
    Storyboard & concept: Laundry & Moving Colour

    Design and Animation by Moving Colour:
    Animation Director: Brian Covalt
    Producer: Jacqueline Sheng
    Designers: Allison Perry, Sara Kipin
    Animators: Matthew Wade, Joshua Kalinowski, Vesela Stamenova, Kathryn Rose
    Zachary Shore - Storyboard Artist
    Compositor: George Moïse
    Interns: Anna Li, Melanie Duke