The Progression Tour

  • The Progression Tour is Spocka Summa's headlining tour. This tour features Scribe, Jessy Piff, and BLOOMiNGFiELD. Special guests include Mola, Camden, Colby Stiltz, and many more. SOCOTHEDJ is the premier DJ on the tour. The tour will be hosted by Jason Reefa and III Power. The Progression Tour will start on Oct. 7th in Providence, RI and conclude on Oct. 23rd in Portland, ME.

    Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
    Year: 2017

  • M  A  I  N     P  O  S  T  E  R
  • T  O  U  R     S  C  H  E  D  U  L  E
  • ( S  T  I  C  K  E  R     +     S  H  I  R  T )
    T  O  U  R     M  E  R  C  H