• Playing around time and space, Space Dreams take you back into the past with excitement.By overlaying the same scene shot in different period of time, the book leaves the audience to imagine the events between past and presence. By comparing a rocket engine and a lowrider’s engine, it reveals the cultural shift in California.

    I started to design this book after visiting Norton Sales in Los Angeles, and interviewing the shop owner Carlos. He told me that some aerospace companies, who were their biggest customers once, left California and moved to other states due to taxes and environmental policies. Nowadays, their customers range from NASA, start-up companies, low-riders, hobbyists, film industry to entertainment industry. People from NASA and SPACE X go to Norton Sales for studying rocket engines designed by senior engineers. People buy pumps and valves to build hopping systems of low-riders. Industrial components were used as props in Interstellar, Hunger Games, and Iron Man 2. TV shows and music videos were shot in the store, where is quirky and still full of space dreams. 

  • Note: None of the photographs used in the above designs were taken by myself. All photos were gathered from the internet and the photographs are owned by their respective owners. I respect the rights of the original photographers.

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