Selected Brand Identities

  • Around the beginning of 2012, we realized that it was high time for a change at Metagramme. We were chameleons, blending into the scenery. This was not only unfair to ourselves, but to our clients as well.

    As lifelong bookworms and lovers of typography it was only natural to realize that Metagramme exists to give beautiful content the visibility it deserves. But good content needs more than visibility. It needs to be made magnetic. It has to draw people in and hold their attention. That's the direction we are taking with the new Metagramme. We support thought leaders, entrepreneurs, publishers, and the arts.

    Our new identity and content strategy is focused on things that are meaningful to our clients, rather than the old standby approach of hiding one's expertise behind pretty project images. We wanted our personalities and sense of humor to shine through. It was important for the new Metagramme to not just be beautiful, but friendly and inviting – maybe a little quirky – as well.

    Metagramme comes from the Greek 'meta' and Latin 'gramma' root words. Combined, the word essentially means 'beyond that which is shown.' Starting with the logo, we used basic building blocks – triangle, rectangle, circle – to construct a stylized serif 'M'. The mark serves as a stencil, a viewfinder that both shapes and reveals whatever lies beyond.

    Visit us today at the new
  • Each month, we write and publish a new article that speaks to the communication and design challenges our clients face. We've been building our brand through illustrations that accompany each article, as well as various other sections of the website.
  • The International Classical Music Database (ICMD) is a nonprofit organization located in Beijing, China. They exist to promote, educate, and archive classical music for people the world over. They approached Metagramme with a request for an identity that would be elegant, simple, and scholarly, yet contemporary to suit their focus on new media.

    The final logo concept plays on the global nature of their work, and the broad range of musical styles which can be labeled “Classical.” The classroom globe is found in schools around the world and has become a symbol of learning at all levels. This speaks to their academic approach. The type-within-rings-of-type also resembles a bank vault, speaking to ICMD’s mission of preservation for future generations.

    The musical reference found in the symbol and logotype lock-up is not obvious in the mark as it stands alone. But it becomes apparent in the application of this identity, through usage of the five musical staff lines as a graphic element in print and online communications. These lines can be of any length, bleeding off the visual plane and moving forward.
  • Below are several logos we've designed over the years. All are final logos, with the exception of B&T Pizzeria, Kennedy Capital Management, and World Magazine (the word mark shown here was selected, but with a different symbol).

    Additional credits: B&T Pizzeria and Herbie's designed by Matt Steel during employment at Kuhlmann Leavitt, Inc. The KCM alternate logo was designed with Arthur & Julia. The Merb's Candies logo was designed for Scorch Agency via direction from Chris Buehler.